Rev. Paul Pritchard

T paulPritchard

Paul is a professional Engineer who has worked for a number of Global organisations during his career, including Westland’s, Unigate, Alfa Laval and JCB.

He has held a number of senior posts in both engineering and human resources in UK, Italy and Holland. Before retiring from JCB Paul was head of their worldwide Learning and Development operations and created, for Lord Bamford, the JCB Academy, which opened in September 2010. This was the first 14-19 University Technical College. He was initially Chair and subsequently Vice Chair of Governors and a trustee until 2015.

In 2011 Paul embarked on training for ordination in the Church of England, being deaconed in 2013 and ordained as a Priest in 2014. He is now acting as a curate in the Parishes of All Saints and St John’s Mickleover.

Paul is also a Non-Executive Director of the David Nieper Organisation, a Trustee of the David Nieper Educational Trust, Chair of Trustees of the ‘Friends of Kenya’s Children’ and a Fellow of the Comino Foundation.

He lives in Mickleover, is married to Elaine, has two daughters and four grandchildren.