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Christopher Nieper OBE

Living in Derbyshire is a privilege. My family business David Nieper Ltd. has thrived here for six decades. We have 300 brilliant staff and have always developed local talent here in Alfreton, a former coal mining town. Local talent can equally be developed in every town in our country when we give young people a chance.

I founded our education trust so that our company, and companies like ours, could become involved in schools, especially in areas like Alfreton.

I believe talent isn’t a postcode lottery, there is talent everywhere in Britain waiting to be unlocked.

Essential life skills are often missing from schools but they help young people go further and faster, earning more in their career with self-esteem and social mobility. We endeavour to instil these in a natural and fun way with our unique employability skills programme which runs throughout the curriculum. 

It’s our aim that young people will leave our schools with the powerful combination of a first-class academic education, relevant careers guidance and employability skills to give them every chance of becoming Britain’s leaders and achievers of the future.

Christopher Nieper OBE,
Chair of Trustees