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Governance Arrangements

Christopher Nieper Education Trust (CNET) is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee and as such is governed by Members, Board of Trustees (the “Trust Board”) and Academy Governing Boards (AGBs).  

The Scheme of Delegation in our trust outlines the specific roles, authorities, and decision-making processes at various levels within the trust. It provides a clear roadmap for effective governance, ensuring accountability, transparency, and streamlined operations across all our academies. 

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Our Board of Members serve as custodians of the trust, responsible for establishing and ensuring the effectiveness of the Trust Board. Their role can be described as one of oversight without direct involvement. The specific powers and functions of Members include: appointing and removing Trustees, appointing and removing Members, amending the trust’s Articles of Association and appointing and removing Auditors.


Our Trustees set strategic direction for the Trust, ensuring the provision of high-quality education and the achievement of positive outcomes for all pupils in the trust. With their collective expertise and dedication, Trustees establish a comprehensive framework that covers various aspects, including staffing, curriculum, admissions, and safeguarding. Financial oversight is another critical responsibility of Trustees, they monitor the financial health and sustainability of the trust, ensuring compliance with financial regulations and best practices. By providing robust financial governance, Trustees safeguard the long-term viability of the MAT and its ability to deliver excellent educational outcomes.

Academy Governing Boards

Our Academy Governing Boards (AGB) play a crucial role in the overall governance structure. They ensure that their academy operates in alignment with the overall vision and policies of the trust. Governors focus includes the quality of education, teaching and learning and pastoral care and play a vital role in engaging with parents, staff, and other stakeholders to understand the needs of the local community.


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