‘Developing leaders and achievers for the future’

Our vision is to establish a sustainable educational model for employers and schools to work together developing young people with ambition, aspiration and opportunity. We capture this in our Employability CNET Benchmarks.


A good education gives you what it takes to open new opportunities in life, the keys to prosperity, fulfilment, happiness and social mobility.  Securing your first job or apprenticeship is of crucial importance and employers search for competent and capable individuals in whom they can invest training, which in turn gives skills to progress into a successful career.


Exam results are important but provide only one piece of the education jigsaw. Successful employers look for other qualities such as attitude, confidence, worldliness, trainability, teamwork and vocational aptitude.


The Christopher Nieper Education Trust model is designed for both exams and life skills, for vocational and academic, for aspiration and ambition.  By providing inspirational role models and harnessing successful employers we provide better choices at higher or further education or a launchpad into apprenticeships.


This is about a collaboration between employers and educators for the benefit of all. Developing leaders and achievers of the future.

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