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CNET is passionately led by our Board of Trustees, all of whom have shown their ability to lead the first school through development and improvement with their expertise and commitment. Academies and schools within CNET will have their own Local Governing Body (LGB), which must also involve at least 2 parent governors. The Trust Scheme of Delegation contains further information regarding the authorities held by the Board and the LGBs.


Since the opening of David Nieper Academy in 2016, CNET has shown its motivation and commitment through the growth and successes of the Academy. In just a few short years, student numbers have grown exponentially; pupil progression routes are greatly enhanced, with NEETS below the national average; the behaviour and engagement of pupils is greatly enhanced; and a good level of education is being achieved. With a strong team of skilled colleagues at the core, CNET ensures that student development and success is at the forefront of our schools. The Board sustains the values and passion behind our educators, and a provision of excellent pastoral care within the Academy guarantees students are provided with the support they need to achieve their absolute best.

The team behind CNET provides dedicated, bespoke support to our academies and schools in order to meet required needs.


There are several factors to our Trust which we believe must be central in member academies and schools, including but not limited to:


  • Focus and determination to have employability at the centre of all  activities.
  • Focus on community and developing the school as a central part of the local community.
  • Strong culture and ethos permeating all aspects of the school.
  • Strong staff development for all staff within CNET and at all stages of their careers.
  • Strong performance management.
  • Clear curriculum planning, delivery and outcomes.
  • Purposeful assessment.
  • Explicit behaviour expectations and rewards.
  • Smart uniform appropriate for purposeful learning.



Alongside this, we are committed to providing support to our members and have access to resources and expertise which allow us to do so.

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